Saturday, August 6, 2011

in case you want to know (icywtk)

feeling alone* (who remembers?)

(PS... if you came for the Meg and Dia mix, scroll down to the bottom of this entry...)

at this moment a poignant life change (upheaval level) is being processed and this is the public presentation of recorded moments and creative inspirations that are flowing as of this moment and the past week or so... i mean, of course there is (e)thereal, but thank goodness, there is still more...

almost home
singing songs
caught up, sorta
camping (alive in the moment)
sites i saw 198
sites i saw 199
sites i saw 200
sites i saw 201

and returning to a song of hope written when i was in the womb...


here i sit
so all alone
no one to talk to
no one to phone
i'll search to find
for there must be
a soul as lonely
looking for me

sad is heavy
want to be in love
looking for love
July 2011
sites i saw 197
fairy tale
blogs and other strangers
would you laugh?
the phone
stumblr at tumblr
days may blur for a while
remembering a bit

don't want to miss a thing
lol lam laa

and in the end... thank goodness for the creativity (and the words and music and dreams and memories) that releases the emotions and with a little (or even lots of) creative license and imagination, turns the feelings into songs... and after years, it takes me back to the land of the mostly dead (though at least for the moment, not quite inspired to write there... perhaps later... or before, even... vulnerability is a delicate precarious balance, after all)...

but i love the creativity imagination can find in the emo :)

and finally for the moment, as i put this entry together, look what pops up on my phone... not just a person, but a place so well timed as to blow me away if i wanted it to... thank you universe (and dia)

... icywtk... sneeze... (seriously? yeah... just listen and feel :)

yeah, in case you wanted to know...

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